Synthespider Music Technology is a product of the fertile imagination of Dick Webb, a musician and technologist for many years.

As a musician Dick is a long time guitar player and often utilizes “Roland Ready” equipment on the job. He has also occasionally been spotted playing keyboard and wind controller.

As a technologist Dick has held many positions in the field of electronics over the years, having been employed variously in audio, cable TV, medical electronics, and industrial electronics, filling positions as varied as circuit designer (from dc to UHF), test engineer, software designer, production engineer, tech support engineer, technical writer, and test manager. Yes, he still has a day job in audio.

A few years back his combination of experience in music and technology led him into the world of computer synthesis. He decided to resurrect the name of a musical equipment repair business he owned and operated many years ago, and Synthespider Music Technology is the result.

We are not sure where this website is headed, but it is finally being actively developed.

Stay tuned for further developments.