Synthespider Music Technology is Dick Webb.

You will find things on this site related to music technology.  I hope you find something interesting and useful.

Gear Reviews: I’ll be posting reviews of gear that I have owned or used. Probably none of this will be recent gear, but, hey, this is my show and I’ll review what I want. But if you’re a manufacturer and want to loan me something to review, by all means do so!

Roland Guitar Synth Challenge: I’m thinking about entering this contest, and regardless of whether I do or don’t I expect to post some material related to this contest.

Computer Synthesis Topics: I’ve considered working on some VST plugins. Whether I get to that or not I’ll likely post some related articles.

Technology In Worship Music: I expect to be posting about how music technology is appropriate to the worship experience. Here, by the way, I’m using the term Worship Music in a broad sense.